Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sorry, it's been a while. A lotta stoopid stuff has transpired, every day of my life is an adventure. If I just sat at a computer 24-7, I probably wouldn't be able to describe half of what happens (though, perhaps only half of the insanity would happen?), however I will hit it hard again in the following days. In the meanwhile, does anyone else hope that Tom Brady's leg will get gang-green and fall off? Not only have I played sports, thus precipitating a HATRED of "Jocks", I played football. Lived in the "Down East". I have rooted against the Patriots. I attended games at Foxborough in the eighties, hurling whatever I could onto the field. If I played for the Giants now, I would live to have a chance of planting Brady. Not just hit him, pull a "Night-Train"Lane on his pretty-boy ass. In a year of constantly turning frowns upside-down, I am hoping that the little brother that could, Eli, will turn this thing around. Possibly restore some humanity into a game, following a season, that defied reason. I think that I need to wait a day or so to be able to post something coherent. Try to find joy and or serenity where you can, and I will get back to y'all when I don't feel like tearing someone's head off.
Love and respect to friends and fams.


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