Saturday, January 05, 2008

How About Them Steelers?

O.K. Here we go. People have said that we backed into the playoffs. That may or may not be true. This is the Steelers we are talking about, kinda like my entire life, it's a week to week thing. Let's hope that these guys are right;
"Keys to victory;
-The O-line can not be dominated
-No dumb turnovers
-Ben must be the messiah
-Skill position players must make plays
-Aggressive play calling
-Special Teams. The Steelers suckā€¦The Jags are not much better.

Steelers 31
Jags 24 "
It's all on the line, and I am preparing to have my heart broken again.
Here we go...
Sloppy as usual, Jags dominated, came down to the last 3 minutes, again. Down by 5, DRAMA! Hines Ward scores. Hate to say this, but, it seemed like this was scripted. Hate to seem jaded, but I mean, really...
The Jags have another possession, Steelers up by one, 29-28.
Third and thirteen, from the nineteen yardline. Steelers penalty, first down. Third and seven, goddamnit. At the thirty nine. SACKED!
Fourth and a mile...
Steelers ball
3:43 Remaining...
3rd and six.
3 and out.
Door is wide open for the Jags.
Blew their final time out, on a retarded challenge.
Beat the Steelers on a fourth and two.
Gonna beat them by two, with a field goal.
Ends with a sack.
This really sucks...


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