Friday, December 21, 2007

The name says it all...
The first(embedded) video goes out with a giggle to my friend Gerard, who just retired from the Marines, served for many years as a master drill instructor at Camp Lejune. Merry Christmas, you slimey little communist so and so's! Errm, again, a timely jinglebell gives this an R-rating, but still, I wouldn't play this in mixed company or at work. Or, if you do, don't blame me please, I have enough people pissed at me already, thank you kindly...
Moving right along, This next video goes out to Jack Bauer. Another person a lotta people are pissed at currently, including Canadian teetotalers, of all things. Actually, in his mugshot HE looks pretty pissed. Yes folks, he is an actor, but then again, a professional bull rider, among other things, he is built Ford tough. My wife likened him to me, but I don't think I am even that crazy, and I have not one drop of ink on me, among other contrasts. I am better looking though....
After spending time in that Chinese prison, I have the funny feelin that he could handle 48 days in county, standing on his head.


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