Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The baddest mo'fo ever

Yes folks, that is a twelve string. If you don't understand, I can't explain it to you...
I have a shoebox full of all the stubs from all the shows I have seen. I was able to see him twice before he caught that last ride to the hereafter, before and after he got cleaned up. First time with Robert Plant(and Joko Ono AHHHH!! People were booing and pelting her with Christmas presents as she screeched out "So This is Christmas", hilarious...), the second time with Jeff Beck. I have been to punk shows, death metal shows, whathaveyou(CAUGHT, IN A MOSH!). I have never seen a crowd get so out of hand. The second time, after the houselights came up and stayed on, people were so pissed that the two of them didn't do an encore, the crowd rushed the stage, hurling folding chairs and wrecked all of their gear. This was probably one of the top ten most intense people in the history of bad-ass, my man was born in a rude mood. Crazy glue on his fingertips, so he could tear skin off of his forearm, so he could keep playing after he had worn all the skin off his fingers, damn man. R.I.P. brother.



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