Saturday, December 15, 2007

What a wonderful day...

Of course I am being facetious, but what the hell. The temperature has been steadily dropping since about 4 a.m. It is gray outside, the mother of all snow/ice storms is just to the northwest of us, fast approaching. In my old stomping grounds, they are measuring the snow in feet, almost 1.5 million people are without power at last count.
Once again, I have a party to go to, and another conundrum. See what we are probably going to end up with is a thin sheet of ice coating everything.(Update. 4/10ths of an inch, here anyway. My friend Nina drove her BMW Z4 to NoVA, headlong into the worst of the storm, hope she made it o.k. It is a sweet ride she's got, not exactly built for a winter nor'easter, plus didn't sound like it was running right when she left...) Anyway, on the roads they call it black ice. A mitigating factor is that the people at VDOT either don't have the budget, or(as is the case over at Tech) are too stupid to know how, i.e. when to put salt down. No, they usually spread ashes, (if you don't believe me, question your beliefs) that works MUCH better. Now me being from up north, and the aforementioned behind the wheel training I have had, enable me to drift a car safely. As for the rest of the folks in the New River Valley...
Lemme put it this way, when we have even slightly inclement weather, I turn the scanner up, and laugh my ass off.
So, my dilemma, do I go to this party tonight, and risk life and limb, or just chill here? The funny thing is that it is all people from the hospital at this party, so if we do wreck, we will essentially be heading back into work, at the emergency room. I'll let you know how it turns out...
Oh yeah, almost forgot, here's some music to drift(wreck?)your car by;
Velvet Revolver-Slither



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