Thursday, December 13, 2007

Moving right along now...

I have gotten over myself. One more layer piled on my already thick skin, probably a good thing. If for nothing else, it's because I am under mind-bending stress, details of that later, maybe. But anyway, I had a moment to reflect on my life, I have seen some hard times, seen a lotta things that I wish I hadn't. The price of living an intense existence, wishing you could un-see some stuff. Most of us don't know the true meaning of pain and regret. It even says somewhere in the Bible that we should strive to see the world as through the eyes of a child. See, most of my hard times were self-imposed, not thinking things through and whatnot. Some truly do have bad times thrust upon them, REALLY hard times. I don't wanna learn all I need to forget either. I have been in the soup, to be sure. But most of what I have been through pales in comparison to what the brave men and women serving our country are into. This one goes out to all of the active duty men and women in our armed forces, and their families, along for the ride, waiting, hoping for them to come home. Listen up peeps, it's some heavy, heavy shit folks.
God bless all of those heroes.
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