Sunday, December 16, 2007

It Figures...

We had a RIDE to the party, they were here parked out front, and my wife sent them away, dammit. Dumbfounding. So, once again, I need to be fake-ass philosophical. We weren't meant to go, the roads were dangerous, it probably would have sucked, etc. bullshit bullshit bullshit. Speaking of bullshit, this Writers Guild strike has got to end. It is going to wreck the Oscars(not like I would watch anyway), it took The Daily Show, Letterman and Leno off the air. Leno's only recent facetime was rolling up to the picket lines on his bike with doughnuts for the writers, like "Please, PLEASE go back to work?" Any movies that weren't out(rushed) of pre-production before this past Halloween are going to suck. Entertainment, basically is not going to entertain for like the next year. The guy who is adapting G.I. Joe to be a live action movie(again, wouldn't watch if you paid me) felt rushed with 8 months to work with. When the studio heads told him 6 weeks, he probably stroked out. The first time around, 19 years ago is what soured me on TV to begin with, and paved the way for such groundbreaking entertainment as American Gladiators, i.e. non-scripted shows, the beginning of mindless crap like Fear factor, etc. ad nauseum(Note. Several stupid bastards are heralding it's return in the comments. One said he wished it was like American Idol, and would come to his town, half-a-fag! HOORAY! Guys in tights beating each other with giant Q-tips!). I mean, these are the kind of people who were cheering as Rome burned. HOORAY! Down with civilization! Screw a bunch of philosophy! American tv is turning into one big Japanese gameshow. And all of this is over internet royalties. Damnit man, I just wanna have a little fun before I die, is that too much to ask? The hillarious part is that my wife keeps making the (True) statement that we need to get out, and have some fun. AAAAAHHHHRRRGG!

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