Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is why I blog....

Forget all the stuff I've posted previously about the Virginia Tech massacre, and all of that. The guy that killed the Montgomery Regional Hospital security guard, and the Montgomery County Sheriff,the girl that had her boyfriend murdered on the dark-side of Radford,the guy that went in to my local Walmart and killed his ex-girlfriend. Oh, and this guy). Not positive, might be leaving some out, all 39(update: Another one at Tech, this one was a doozey)of those homicides in the 3 years since we've moved here. South Central L.A., I mean Southwest Va. Keep in mind this list doesn't include the "attempted" murders, drive by's and whatnot, where the people ended up living. We added 3 more to the list last night. 2 septuagenarians, and a bovine. A Pulaski County Sheriff shot and killed a deranged 70 year old codger. Supposedly he attacked the officer with "a blunt object, and a knife". The other incident, in nearby Floyd County, entailed an Animal Control officer attempting to kill a cow. The cow and the owner both died of gunshot wounds...If you don't believe me, you should question your beliefs... I think I need to get another gun, and a bigger knife. Welcome to the jungle.

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