Monday, November 05, 2007

Car chase!

This scene from this movie never gets old for me, having ahem... out-driven members of law enforcement on several occasions. See, I learned how to drive from several hardcore people, one of which was a bodyguard/stunt driver/freelance Sports Illustrated photog named Dirk Galleon, a friend of my brother's from when he lived in Aspen. Needless to say, the solitary, requisite "driving lesson" that I took, left the instructor a bit ruffled. The fastest I ever got a car up to was 150 mph, supposedly he is going in excess of 160, I dunno... Oh a footnote, if you are going to go that fast, make sure the windows are rolled up! Learned that one the hard way. Btw, kudos to the Kanuk YouTube user shawnlynch23 for setting this to music, he has several other videos including a 911 tribute, hit him up, and rate his videos!


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