Wednesday, August 23, 2006 - Manhunt nabs 'weird' escaped prisoner - Aug 21, 2006

A couple good ol' boys...Never meanin' no harm...

Damn man, i just moved to this rural enclave recently, and in the last 6 months or so, that makes about the fifth or sixth cold-blooded murder to occur within about a five mile radius of my house. Of course, I am the only person I know here that isn't armed to the teeth. Oh, that reminds me, my newest toy (More on why I need that in subsequent posts)! Anyway, everyone here wanted to know how he managed to pull off a stunt like Joshua's at the end of Lethal Weapon 1. Not quite that glamorous, but about as myopic...How did Morva escape? The point here, if there is one, is that control is an illusion. But being safe? It's something we all take for granted, i guess. The part I think is funny, (one of them, anyway) is they told people around here to look for him, wearing a tye-dye, and khakis, on the Virginia Tech campus, scaring the bejesus out of all the incoming frosh on their first day of class. He was actually in his underwear, bare-chested, and barefoot. Well anyway, more fun stuff to follow!(edit, in case you missed this, the updated version of the story can be found) here.


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